10 things not to do During a Christmas Party

10 things not to do During a Christmas Party


It’s the holiday time of the year; which calls for mouthwatering food, drink and, of course, multiple invitations to the best Christmas parties. This is for those who are still recovering from past shameful Christmas party experiences or those who are attending a Christmas party for the first time and need some tips on what to avoid. For the sake of your embarrassment level and preserving your respect at work we give you “10 things not to do at a Christmas Party”.




1. Don’t get exceptionally drunk

In other words, be sure to pay attention to how much you’ve been drinking. We all know all the possible outcomes of intoxication, and yes, the majority of the time these outcomes are disastrous


2. Restrain from telling your boss what you really think of him

While you’re drunk inhibitions and common sense can fall to disastrous levels.. The fact that you saw your boss smile for the first time is not an open invitation to express your feelings.


3. Don’t dress inappropriately

Girls, don’t overdo it with low-cut dresses and men, leave that ancient light-blue tuxedo in the back of your closet or better yet give in to your wife and just get rid of it already! Instead go for something simple and sophisticated.


4. Don’t be antisocial

The people hiding away in a corner usually come off as quite strange while they just watch others have a good time. Put your phone away and go out there and talk to people, it really is great way to get to know your colleagues!


5. Restrain from devouring all the food

You don’t want to be seen as the person who’s been starving for days. You might as well just place your chair right next to the buffet (don’t actually do that!)


6. Keep your hands to yourself and your libido in check

The heady mixture of drink, rich food, music and the sight of your colleagues wearing party clothes can create an atmosphere that leads down a dangerous path. Remember, you still have to work with these people when you are both sober.


7. Don’t dance as if you’re at a nightclub

Once upon a time you were a teenager and this was fine but grinding up on that cute guy at your work party really isn’t a great first impression. Secretly everyone will be talking about the incident at work or at least they’ll be thinking about it.


8. Don’t make inappropriate comments or jokes

Try to keep your unnecessary thoughts to yourself or quiet enough that no one can hear you. People come from a variety of backgrounds and will definitely react differently to how you might imagine they would.


9. Don’t tell all the kids Santa doesn’t exist

Unless of course you’re prepared to deal with disturbed sobbing children and vicious mothers giving you the evil eye all night, don’t even try.


10. Don’t obnoxiously sing Christmas Carols out loud.

Just because you sound strangely good at singing in the shower, doesn’t necessarily mean you do in real life. Do enjoy yourself but make sure others do not have to listen to you screeching loudly at them.


Work Christmas parties can be great fun and so long as you behave yourself and avoid committing these terrible faux pas you may even enjoy it! Who knows, maybe getting to know your boss a bit better in a social setting might result in getting you just a little closer to that big promotion!

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