10 Christmas traditions for Newlyweds

10 Christmas traditions for Newlyweds

Being just married is a wonderful phase of life. Every part of life has a new and exciting side to it, as now life is shared and experienced between two people. Christmas is especially an exciting time for newlyweds; here are ten Christmas traditions to start with your loved one you can cherish together year after year.



1) Choose the Tree – Decide as a couple what kind of tree you would like. Will you tradition be fetching the deceiving faux tree out of storage, or hunting down the perfect fresh Christmas tree? You can even go and search for one in the forest yourself!



2) The Special Decorations – Search out a couple of decoration to deck your halls or for the tree that have a special meaning for you and your partner. These will be the decorations that are stored in a special box and have a particular spot in your home. These special decorations, no matter what your Christmas theme is, will come back every year along with wonderful memories.



3) Christmas Get together – As a new couple, begin your own Christmas get together traditions. Invite over some friends your age, or in a similar lifestyle and enjoy a fun evening of laughter and good food. This will be a change from the past family dinners, but it will represent the new phase of your life.



4) Christmas Treats – Have a special treat that comes out only during Christmas time. It is something to look forward to and enjoy together.



5) Music, Movies, Entertainment – Whether you look forward to Christmas movie marathons, bringing out the Michael Buble Christmas album, or heading out for an early morning hike in the snow, devote a day to enjoying a particular activity that is special to the holidays.



6) Eat, Drink and Be Merry – A special Christmas meal is something all families talk about and look forward to together. Start your own, and make it personal, even quirky. Roasted marshmallows? Skittles for dessert? Three special salads? Whatever you like.



7) Share the Wealth – In a time that focuses on material goods and getting, try to remember the giving side of the season. Make a tradition of giving to charity every Christmas. You’ll enjoy the holidays all the more for it.



8) Christmas Cards – While many people send out impersonal cards with nothing but their names scrawled inside, take the time to start the tradition of genuine Christmas cards. Send the people you love or miss a note wishing them seasons greetings and include an update on your life. Make it genuine and it will be a pleasure to receive.



9) Christmas Morning – Decide how you want Christmas morning to play out… tearing down the stairs to look under the tree, or start with a big Christmas breakfast. Spend the day in pajamas? Have the morning suit you, and get the most out of it.



10) Don’t Forget the Rest of Holidays – The holidays don’t end after Christmas morning. Have traditions for after Christmas as well. This could be boxing day shopping, a sledding trip or a family visit. Take advantage of the free time and keep the merriment going.

3 Responses to “10 Christmas traditions for Newlyweds”

  1. Mimi Magnani says:

    Kind of lame suggestions…and no mention of the spiritual side of Christmas. How about making a trip to Church? Or Temple for Hannukah?

    • Christmasaurus says:

      It would appear to me that this site is largely secular. Many people, myself included, don’t agree with religion.

      For those who are religious, it’s pretty obvious that a trip to their place of worship would already be on their agenda. No need to list such things here.

      I don’t think the suggestions are lame at all. Little things like these are what make Christmas so much fun for me.