100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (1 – 25)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (1 – 25)
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1. Make up small loaves of quick breads. Wrap them in plastic wrap for freshness and place in a festive bag or wrapping. Include a recipe card.

2. Select a cookbook and choose a recipe from the book. Attach a card to the front that includes the recipe name and page number. Place the cookbook and dry ingredients for the recipe in a decorative

3. Make your own felt stockings. Make them large enough to hold a bottle of wine or homemade salad dressings, etc. Personalize the stocking to fit the personality of the receiver.

4. Candles are the rage this holiday season! Tie them in bundles with holiday ribbon or stack them in a festive box. Include an appropriate candleholder.

5. Make a wreath that expresses the interest of the receiver.

6. Crosstitch a holiday ornament and include the year it was given in the design.

7. Fill an attractive cup or dish with a friend’s favorite chocolates or other treats. Wrap attractively with holiday ribbons and plastic wrap to hold it in place. Place in a festive bag for delivery.

8. Make a special ornament for the tree with glue-on beads and faux jewels.

9. For the coffee lover, fill a coffee cup with
packets of different flavor coffees or cocoas and chocolate covered spoons.

10. Make theme or hobby baskets. Fill a decorative basket with goodies that the receiver uses for his or her hobby (i.e. for the golf lover fill with golf balls, tees, and club covers; for the needlework lover, place different types of flosses, patterns, and needles).

11. If you are a baker, bake your finest pound cake or rum cake, etc. Wrap securely and place it in a
decorative tin for friends or relatives.

12. Select various packets of flower seeds. Place in a planting pot with gardening tools and gloves. Make a raffia bow to hold items in place.

13. Holiday pillows abound! Select one or two pillows, place them in a decorative hat box (which can later be used for storage). Give this treasure to a friend.

14. Put the computer to use! Make a set of thank you notes or stationery; tie with a festive ribbon and place in an attractive tin for that one of a kind gift. Don’t forget to include a colorful pen and envelopes!

15. Homemade gifts from the kitchen will impress your friends and relatives. Use jars in various shapes and sizes and fill them with your homemade pickled
vegetables, fruits, jams and jellies (especially if that person really enjoyed them or loves your cooking). Add a square of holiday fabric with gold ribbon and the gifts are ready to go.

16. Photos make great gifts. Try taking pictures of events throughout the year or of one special activity. Place them in an attractive album with comments. A single picture framed is also nifty.

17. For the creative writer a journal for recording
thoughts, poems, etc., is always a treasure.

18. Give a gift that comes all year long. Give a favorite magazine subscription.

19. Cookies (homemade) with the recipe(s) and a neat cookie cutter make a tasty and useful gift.

20. Everybody’s gone Tex-Mex. Go Tex-Mex Christmas with several jars of salsa and a large bag of nacho chips all bundled up in a fiesta-serving dish. Feliz Navidad!

21. Oh yeah! Tex-Mex
needs margaritas. Give four or six margarita glasses and margarita mix. If you have your own margarita recipe, that’s even better.

22. Make a simple coaster set using bath wall tiles and tile paint (use the one that doesn’t require heat). Paint a simple holiday design on six or eight tiles. Glue felt on the back to protect surfaces from scratches. Tie them with a holiday ribbon and voila!

23. Fill a basket with bath items – soaps,
oils, bubbles, lotions, natural sponge and a loofah pad. A special person will love his or her favorites.

24. Holiday music for the music lover who plays an instrument. Purchase the sheet music of a favorite holiday song and include a CD or tape with it.

25. Holiday flowers include amaryllis, paperwhites, poinsettias and English ivy. Placed in an attractive decorative container, they make a great holiday gift

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