100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (26 – 50)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (26 – 50)
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26. Aromatherapy is quite popular.Select one or two aromatic oils and candles noted for their soothing effects and package them with a neck rest pillow.The receiver will love you.

27. Stretch that relaxing moment with a small in-door waterfall kit.The main ingredient is the pump (not expensive).Get a bowl or dish to hold it, some small decorative rocks
and an eye-catching small figurine.Don’t forget directions or a diagram.Put everything in holiday packaging and you’re good to go.

28. Make sachets.Purchase potpourri, fine tulle and 1/8inch satin ribbon.Cut the tulle into saucer size circles (can be bought already cut into circles).Place two or three tablespoons of potpourri in each circle.Gather sides and tie tightly with the ribbon.Place several of these in a
holiday box and keep the idea in mind for later in the year.Also great for wedding favors.

29. Don’t forget the feet.For that friend or relative who is on their feet a lot, nothing would feel better than soothing foot salts, a soft pumice or clay stone and peppermint foot lotion.Package them inside a cute pair of slippers.Sleep socks and a small jar of petroleum jelly will round out winter foot blues.

30. What does the future
hold?You decide.Use a fortune cookie recipe to make your own fortune cookies.Make the cookies extra special by writing the fortunes yourself, tailor-made to the person receiving them.Package them in Chinese food take-out boxes.Be sure to first the wrap the cookies in plastic wrap to maintain freshness.

31. Specialty guest soaps come in all colors, shapes and sizes.Place several in an attractive soap dish or basket and include
some decorative paper hand towels.Color coordinate if you know the bathroom they’re going in or stick to a holiday theme.

32. How’s your fudge recipe?Excellent!Homemade fudge is always a treat during the holidays.Whip up several batches- some with nuts, some without.Cut it into squares.Wrap first in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil to maintain freshness.Place it in a holiday tin.(Do you really want to give away
your secret recipe by including a recipe card?)

33. Herbal teas, a teapot, a teacup and saucer.What could be more charming?

34. A hardy holiday breakfast would really start the day off right.Give a package of specialty pancake mix (maybe you have your own recipe) and a bottle of fine maple syrup.Put them in a neat mixing bowl.Yummy, Yummy!

35. Make large gingerbread men and women (they should be the length of
the cookie sheet).Decorate them.Package a man and a woman together with a little note that says “We” Wish You A Merry Christmas!

36. Wine connoisseurs will enjoy a set of quirky wine stoppers.

37. Picture frames are in.No longer are they thin metal rectangles with glass.They are works of art within themselves.A great variety is out there to choose from.If you don’t see any you really like, design your own.
Just choose a plain frame, some polymer clay, and acrylic paints.?”Deck the frames …Fa la la la la!”

38. Holiday centerpieces and topiaries add so much to the season.It you are the king or queen of green, make your own gifts.?Make some for yourself.?If not, the prices range from lean to extreme.But they do make nice gifts and can be live or artificial.

39. Potpourri is easy to make and you can create a scent just for the holidays. Mix together broken cinnamon sticks, dried orange peel, whole cloves, evergreen clippings and dried lemon peel.Half fill cellophane florists’ bags and tie with a holiday ribbon.

40. A simple but useful gift for the reader friend or relative is the bookmark.Use your computer to design a pattern.You can
usually get four to a standard sheet of card stock.Once printed, separate them, punch a hole near the top and tie on a small tassel.Crocheted or crosstitched bookmarks are always treasured too.

41. Apartment dwellers that love gardening will love the little herb gardens that come with everything.Attach mini-garden tools, watering can and gloves if they aren’t already there.

42. For the person who has everything try a
personalized rubber-stamp.You can design it yourself to reflect the person’s hobby, profession or whatever.Do this early enough to get your design to a business-supply store or rubber-stamp maker.There may be some ready-mades that you only need to have your person’s name added to at stationery stores, business-supply centers or rubber-stamp stores.

43. An embosser is trendy too.It can be used to personalize paper napkins, stationery, books,
etc.An embosser with the initials of the receiver looks really snazzy on the above items and may be purchased at the same places as rubber-stamps.

44. Inexpensive cloth napkins are everywhere.Make a set an extra special gift by adding your personal touch.Add a monogram to each one with Crosstitch, embroidery, needlepoint or stencil.Stencil a seasonal design or applique on each napkin.If you’re crafty, the sky’s the limit.
Include a set of napkin rings.

45. Remember the fun you had with snow globes.Boy was it easy to get lost in that little scene with snow falling.Well make some of these as gifts (great for the kids).You need jars- olive jars, pimento jars, and baby food jars are good ones.Little plastic
figurines (they don’t rust), some artificial greenery for trees, clear-drying epoxy, distilled water, glitter, glycerin, and oil paints in holiday colors in case the lids need painting.Roughen the inside of the lid with sandpaper then glue the figurines down with the epoxy.Fill the jar almost to the top with the water and add a pinch of glitter (not too much) and a dash of glycerin.The glycerin thickens the water and keeps it from “snowing” too fast.Screw the lid on tightly.Then shake, shake, shake. Some crafters have put some of the epoxy around the lid of the jar after screwing it on to avoid possible leaks.

46. Make a friend the “apple” of your Christmas.Select a large tart dish, fill it with the number of apples called for in an apple tart recipe along with the other ingredients and there you have it!A great gift that can be filled over and over.

47. Loose tea is so English.Fill an exotic box with it and include a whimsical tea infuser.There are so many on the market to choose from these days.Tuck in a recipe for scones to
make the gift simply ducky!

48. The smell of lavender soothes the spirit.?Stretch its calming affects when you give it as a candle or incense along with a CD that is equally as soothing.Color coordinate the holiday wrapping to set mood.

49. Someone taking a trip very soon?Make their holiday gift a travel kit.Fill a nice zipper case with a travel clock and travel size products you know they will need (toothpaste, shampoo,
shaving cream, etc.)?The time you used gathering this gift will hopefully give the receiver extra time for packing and getting to the airport!

50. You know someone who would just love to have one.Go ahead and give a gift from the East.Give a bonsai tree complete clippers, gloves and care instructions.While you’re at it, get one for yourself.

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