100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (51 – 75)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (51 – 75)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (51 – 75)
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51. Holidays mean food and reminiscing good times. Give a food basket that will remind the receiver of a favorite place or vacation. Make the wrapping paper using travel brochures or maps to hint at the treasure inside.

52. A mini Zen stone garden will put a taste of Japan in any home.
These tiny gardens are inspired by the famous rock garden at Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, Japan. Just another way to bring the East into the receiver’s life.

53. Fly your own flag. Very popular are theme flags, hobby flags, seasonal flags, alma mater flags, etc. Just about anything can be put on a flag and they come in a range of sizes. Select one for that special person.

54. For your favorite backyard chef, choose a new set of barbecue
tools, an apron and the crowning glory – a chef’s hat. King or queen of the ribs will love it!

55. New and old drivers alike need this gift. Give a car safety kit. It’s one of those practical items that every vehicle should have.

56. Schedule that tense friend for a full body massage. Inform them of their gift with a card wrapped in a decorative box. After the holiday rush, this will be great.

57. Flavored vinegars
offer a delicious way to add zest and excitement to salads, soups, sauces and stews. Give a food lover several different flavors with beautiful edible flowers, fruits or vegetables floating about the bottles.

58. Storage boxes are decorative and useful. Get several different sizes from the craft store, decorate them with paints or decoupage. Stack one inside the other.

59. Your hands are your hardest workers. Give them the
pampering they deserve. Give a friend or relative a nice manicure kit and some hand softening lotion. Add a pair of nighttime gloves so that the pampering can continue while sleeping.

60. As the largest organ on our body, our skin deserves some attention. Give a facial at a plush salon or put together a facial kit. Include a standing vanity mirror so that the fantastic results can be seen.

61. The stresses of the holidays can knock
out celebrating for many. The common cold slips in no matter how hard we try to keep it at bay. Make a sensible gift by putting together a cold first aid kit. Don’t forget the socks, mittens, chicken soup (and recipe), Echinacea, and lozenges. Sooner or later this gift will come in handy.

62. After you read this, make this gift – a customized date/address book from your computer. Have it bound at a copier store or purchase an attractive
binder to place the pages in. Design it around the interests of the receiver. Throw in one for yourself..

63. So you’re crafty. Make beautiful holiday glass art from liquid lead and window coloring paints. Various name brands are available in crafts stores. Most require 24 hours to dry

64. Surprise a new apartment dweller with a tool chest filled with the basic necessities for hanging, assembly, measuring, hammering, and the like.

65. Give away a gourmet dinner kit to the
super chef. Fill a shiny colander with Christmas-tree pasta, herbs, utensils, a recipe for your spaghetti sauce, and other delights to complete the meal.

66. Need that one of a kind gift? Try an address plaque or a house marker. The address plaque is a set of decorative tiles that fit into an attractive frame. The house marker is usually metal and can be attached to the house or mounted to a stand in the yard. Either makes a fine gift.

67. For the sentimental video buff put together a gift package containing a Christmas classic video or other favorite, tasty gourmet popcorn and a six pack of cola. A plastic bowl would make a great container in which to give the gift.

68. Angels. This earthly incarnation is literally everywhere. Best-selling books on angel history and stories of angel sightings to angel greeting cards, posters, sweatshirts, figurines, and jewelry
flood the market. Choose one or more that your friend will love. You may start a collection with your gift.

69. The holiday season is a meshing of many cultural symbols. The nativity scene, or crèche, lends its inspirational present as a perfect gift and decoration. For many, it is reminds them of what the holiday season is all about.

70. When is a bamboo steamer not a steamer? When you turn it into a well stocked sewing kit
for that friend or relative who is just starting out. Fill it with needles, notions, colorful thread, scissors, tape measure, pins, fabric marking pens, etc. Tie up the gift with lots of ribbon to be used later.

71. Give a gift certificate for a seasonal flower delivery. Friends and relatives would love to receive a spring arrangement of tulips, beautiful summer roses and so on. Gift certificates to specialty shops and favorite stoves always
delight the receiver. They can be used right away or held on to until the big sale.

72. Take the chill off of the holiday with an attractive throw. It can be seasonal or plain. Throws make great and useful gifts.

73. Is that special friend talking endlessly about an upcoming concert, show, sports event, dinner, etc.? Make it happen if you can afford it. Give tickets to the event. This holiday will be long remembered.

74. For the newly weds’ first Christmas, get them started with first Christmas decorations.

75. For the music lover or movie buff give pertinent literature such as a favorite artist or star. Music or movie magazine subscriptions are just as ideal.

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