100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (76 – 100)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (76 – 100)

100 Christmas Gift Suggestions (76 – 100)
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76. Is there a fitness fanatic on your gift list Maybe a warm-up suit, exercise video, weights, or health club membership is just the thing.

77. Decorate a small Christmas tree with homemade ornaments, miniature toys, cookies, or potpourri bags as a special gift for that shut-in friend who cant’ take care of decorations this year. Place a love gift under the tree as well.

78. Almost every holiday list has one college student on it. Make that person the happy recipient of a telephone card.

79. An art lover would love to find a membership to the local or national museum in his or her stocking.

80. That special person or couple will think holidays last all year with a gift weekend to a marvelous bed and breakfast. If possible, allow the receiver(s) to select the dates so it will come at a time best for them to enjoy.

81. A friend or relative who enjoys poetry, famous quotes, or sayings will be able to relish them often if they are calligraphed or hand-painted in a frame or on a plaque.

82. For the person that doesn’t cook and enjoys eating out, the coupon book to various restaurants gives them a discount while they savor a wide cuisine.

83. It may sound a little odd but there are those that are concerned. So here is the perfect gift for the Y2K conscience. A sturdy box or bucket filled with flashlights, bottled water, solar powered radio, extra batteries, canned goods (with pop tops or don’t forget the manual can opener), blankets, first aid kit, and a deck of regular playing cards. Most importantly, remind the recipient to have enough cash to last through the crisis.

84. Start the holiday for someone right at his or her front door. A holiday doormat is just the thing. There is one for every celebration and the prices are quite reasonable. Can’t find what you want Get a plain one and stencil it yourself.

85. Give someone’s shower the four-star hotel treatment. There are a variety of quality showerheads available on the market today. The hand-held styles are really popular and easy to install. Think of all the relaxing moments your holiday gift will give throughout the year.

86. Thinking of giving some lovely stemware as a gift this holiday Include a good bottle of champagne with them. It’s a sparkling way to start any celebration. The receiver doesn’t drink alcohol Use sparkling apple cider or sparkling grape juice instead.

87. Give gold for Christmas. Gold star-shaped candles in a gold star-shaped wire basket, along with gold table napkins and rings, gold ribbon and gold beads. Midas would love this holiday special. Don’t forget to package your gift in golden paper and a golden gift bag

88. Did you know you have a friend in 18-gauge wire and needle-nose pliers Well you do. Shape that wire into a star, a snowman, a tree, a heart, or just a circle and spray it gold. Place it in a pot of ivy or other climbing plant and tie a gold wire ribbon around the pot. Your plant-loving buddy will enjoy training the climber into a full topiary.

89. Don’t forget the pets during the holiday. Fill a feeding dish with dog or cat treats and a special toy. A new fashion statement leash and collar for Pouch will make the day. Time for another visit to the boutique. We want all family members to look great for holiday pictures.

90. Time and means are special gifts. Give them as a gift. Volunteer to help prepare and serve a holiday meal at a shelter, church, temple, or synagogue.

91. Buy a toy or two for a needy child. Include a book and a needed item of clothing.

92. Have slightly used clothing Donate them to organizations that help
families in need. Since December is cold in many places, coats are a number one priority.

93. Got a pretty good nice voice Know some folks who do Organize them into carolers and visit a hospital or retirement home. Take along some holiday goodies for tokens. For many, you will be the only Christmas spirit they have.

94. College students can sometimes be stranded for Christmas. Invite them to share your holiday dinner and have a little gift for them. You can’t imagine the joy (for the both of you.)

95. A shut-in can’t get his or her holiday shopping done Can’t you give a few hours to help out That’s the spirit.

96. Address holiday cards for someone who is unable to do it themselves do to illness, handicaps, etc. Make a special trip to the post office to see that they get off.

97. Have lots children about for the holiday Keep them busy while last minute dinner preparations are being made. Read Christmas and other holiday stories to them. Consider organizing a little play (this calls for a little preparation on your part).

98. If your city or town is noted for its beautiful decorations, take someone, who otherwise would miss the experience, for a day or evening drive so they can enjoy the glow and glitter of the holiday as well.

99. Blankets for the homeless. Gently used or new. Give them out yourself or contact an organization that’s doing it.

100. Christmas is about giving. Make a donation in the name of a friend or family member to a needy cause. Present a card to that person detailing the organization and how the donation will be used. Happy Holidays!

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