5 Other Uses for Christmas Fruit Cake

5 Other Uses for Christmas Fruit Cake

Christmas fruit cake take lots of hard work and many Mothers-In-Law spend hours baking over a hot stove to produce it, pity you would really rather they didn’t! Rock solid and about as tasty as that old dusty carpet in the corner, this year we give you 5 other uses for that awful old cake.



1: Dartboard: In some cakes the fruit is so artfully arranged that it is nice and easy to split the board into sections and you don’t have to worry about the darts falling to the floor, any decent fruit cake will be more than solid enough to hold that darts up!



2: Door Stop: Any block-shaped cake will be perfect for this and will keep the door just open enough. If it’s a proper fruitcake it will be so solid that not even the dog will want to eat it.



3: Table Stops: Got that unbalanced table that drives you crazy? Stick a slice of fruitcake under it. Now its steady as it was when you first brought it home!



4: Speed Bump: Let your grandmother put them out to finally slow down those kids speeding down the street on their bikes. Watch them go flying but keep a few Band-Aids on the side for any nasty cuts.



5: Bowling Pins! Collect 10 slices, line them up and have an impromptu game in the garden with all the children.



These are only 5 ideas, just be creative. If all else fails simply drop them off as a delightful gift for somebody that you don’t really like very much – then it will be their problem!

2 Responses to “5 Other Uses for Christmas Fruit Cake”

  1. Kirstine says:

    The fruit cake on the picture looks really yummy! Now I have to go buy one in my lunch break!!!

  2. llamas says:

    fruit cake is yummy