5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Office Christmas Party

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Office Christmas Party

How to avoid the stress of the secret Santa with 5 gift ideas that will be sure to please your colleagues.



As one of the most highly anticipated times of the year, Christmas poses a potential stress as the office Christmas party draws ever closer and you are stuck for ideas on what to get your colleagues. Every work-place approaches the Christmas party slightly differently. Some companies keep it really simple, and have a few casual drinks at a local bar and a secret Santa in the office, while other companies go for an extravagant night at a hired venue and make the secret Santa a big part of the night, amidst drinks and 3 course meals.



The traditional secret Santa can go one of two ways: amazing or embarrassing. So if you are looking for some winning ideas then read on to find out my top 5 office Christmas party present ideas.



  1. Tasty Treats

Christmas is the one time of the year that even the most health-conscious of colleagues can’t say no to a delicious box of chocolates or a gift hamper full of treats. It may not come across the most thoughtful gift but you can be pretty sure those treats will be enjoyed!



  1. Personalised Notepad

If you have noticed your colleague has a pretty standard, boring notepad for meetings, then why not give them the treat of a pesonalised notepad so they have some edge in the weekly meeting. It is fairly common to find this service available online and could offer a practical gift at this year’s Christmas party.



  1. Tipples

Quite like my number 1 gift idea of chocolates or a hamper of tasty treats, the idea of a bottle of wine or spirits is another winner year after year. Presentation is key here; get a nice festive wine bottle bag or tie a bow around the bottle’s neck, and if you really like the colleague you’re buying for then throw a box of chocolates in there too if you are aiming to please.



  1. Toiletries

Although toiletries have been known to receive mixed responses as a Christmas gift, there are numerous high-street beauty and fragrance shops that are clear winners for the secret Santa. Bath bombs, shower hampers and sprays have all worked for me, and once again it is the presentation here that makes all the difference. Wrap them up with quality wrapping paper and get gift tags and bows.



  1. Personalised Mug

What is a better reminder to your colleague of you than a personalised mug for them to use every day when its coffee time? There are loads of different styles of mugs for you to personalise and it is sure to please your work mate not only this Christmas, but every time they make a brew.



Tom Clark writes on various topics surrounding Christmas party ideas and office Christmas party planning.

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