7 Tips for Surviving Christmas Dinner

7 Tips for Surviving Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner with all the family and the in-laws can be a roaring success or a dismal failure! Whether you are cooking for it or simply attending one, it can result in sleepless nights and the stories of what happened will haunt you for years. Here are seven simple tips to avoid try and ensure your family dinner is the best one yet!




1: Pick the perfect dress. Go for elegant and classy, neither your grandmother not your mother-in-law will appreciate the sexy dress you chose for your husband. Save that dress for a dinner out, just the two of you and pick something a little more conservative for the family Christmas dinner.



2: If the meal is a potluck make sure you bring a home cooked meal that you know you can make well! If something happens to go wrong with your cooking defiantly stop by the supermarket and grab something, however it is important to at least try to show up with a delicious side that you made yourself. Then you can amaze everyone with your inner domestic goddess!



3: Try and keep off the wine! Getting too drunk may result in a few embarrassing stories that you can be sure your family will take great joy in repeating at every get together for years to come.



4: Tempting as it may be to keep out the way and just relax, offer to help the host. Next year that host could be you and wouldn’t you rather someone stepped up and gave you hand?



5: Play with the children, they are young and often can get bored which may result in plenty of rambunctious behavior. Take some time to sit down and talk to them, maybe see if you can come up with a craft for them to do to keep them amused.



6: Family can be a little tiring sometimes but remember that no matter how much you want the night to just be over already, paint a smile on your face. It is one night and annoying as you might find them sometimes, family is incredibly important. It is your support network; they are always there for you so repay that loyalty with a bright smile and a cheerful demeanor this year.



7: Don’t forget to bring a juicy bone for the dog! Animals are just as much a part of the family as anyone else and this extra thoughtfulness will go a long way with the owners.



In summary while Christmas Dinners can be exhausting they are also important, so keep your cool and try to avoid starting a food fight! It is only one night, it might feel like a lifetime but it reality doesn’t last that long.

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