A Christmas Dissertation

A Christmas Dissertation

A Christmas Dissertation

Do you think that there could be any time more magical time in the year than Christmas? In my opinion there is only one period of time that is just as magical, and just as important: Twilight.

Twilight in any season, be it spring, summer, winter or fall, is as magical and special as Christmas. For me, Christmas isn’t only one day out of the year; I actually celebrate the season. Once Thanksgiving hits (the most American of holidays) and the week ushers in the end of fall and the emergence of wintertime, I get a buzz in the back of my brain: It’s Christmas.

I start listening to Christmas Music; I start decorating the home. I start imagining Christmas gifts, parties, dinners and breakfasts, hugs and embraces, kisses and handshakes, well wishes and the-same-to-you. Warm apple pie, the fragrance of cinnamon and sugar permeates the air, mixing well with the scent of fresh pine needles. The fireplace warms the glowing cheeks of family, both the traditional and the extended families.

To live truly with the intentions that we have set for ourselves, love one another, forgive and let go. Begin with a clean slate and build from there. It is easier to get in touch with the inner child within us all, it is easier to play, it is easier to laugh, to sing, and to live as nature has intended.

The reason we come together in the wintertime is to survive. It used to be that we would struggle to survive the cold winter. That is no longer the case. Our modern technology has seen to that. But the “winter” still exists, figuratively. We struggle to survive the daily coldness of modern living, where there is too much information for us to internalize. We fight against the bitter harshness of reality, of work, of school, of people in general, of ourselves, demanding excellence above all else, so much so to the point of alienating our own human nature, even from each other.

Christmastime is a time when Nature forces us to get together, that we may still survive as a species. Every year there is a danger that we grow apart too much from the basic skills of living a human existence, but Nature, in it’s infinite wisdom, has seen to it that we have to bind together.

That, my friends, is the “Magic of Christmas.” It has nothing to do with gifts, or trees, or tinsel, or twinkle-lights. It knows not of parties and music, or drinking and dancing. It is really quite simple: we need each other to survive another year. Life is always what you make of it, and every year we are given another opportunity to enhance that life, to make it better, for it can always be better. But during that brief period of time we can be truly real with each other. The reason we get together in the first place is that we see “something real” in the other person. It is this intangible that keeps us together, to know more about the other life that touches our own, and it is during this time that the Spirit known as Christmas enhances those qualities within us.

We are given the opportunity to break free of conventional thinking; we are given hope every year in the form of winter. We are alive, for one brief shining period of time, a flash in the infinite timeline of space, and so few of us make the most of it. We have all bought into the gimmicks and the lies of our modern society. Modern living has all but numbed us, broken our spirit and demolished the belief that man is good and can be redeemed.

The opportunity is there to be seized and savored, to be relished and looked forward to. Mostly, however, it is to be given away, for greed has no place in the wintertime, although you would hardly believe that were true today. Greed has become our idol, and we bring gifts of cold money to the altars of capitalism because we think we have to.

The truth of the matter is, you give a gift because you want to say “Thank You. Thank you for surviving one more year with me. Thank you for liking me for who I am. Thank you for wanting to change a little bit, or remaining the same as you always have been. I appreciate you and everything you do in your life is just fine.” That’s what the gifts are for – not to show off your money, or your status in life. They mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It is only wintertime alone that can save our souls, that can make us better people, and can bring us together. It is the Spirit of Christmas that brightens our lives and the lives of the others we touch. We make a difference to each other, and it is always hard to express that.

It is only at this time in the year that it is a bit easier for you and I to show each other the true nature of our spirit. Generosity, kindness, and a giving spirit is all it takes to take back the season. Rip it away from the Corporate Mindset and take back what Nature has rightfully given to you. Take back your soul, it belongs to no one else. And God bless us, every one.

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