A danish Christmas

A danish Christmas

The danish Christmas starts at december 1th.

That is the day when all the children open the first door of their advent calendar, and starts getting really exited -only 23 days to go.

On one of the december days, the children make Christmas decorations in their school. They make candles and a lot of other things. The magazines starts making christmas cd’s and a lot of other Christmas things. Every year it is very different when the snow comes, but usually it is very close to christmas.

The Christmas tree is one of the things I like the most. I simply enjoy putting the decorationson it while I’m listening to some Christmas music. On december 23rd it is little Christmas. And on december 24th, it’s Christmas. The time usually goes very slow until it’s evening. When it is, we eat, dance around the tree, open gifts and have a lot of fun.


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