A Danish Christmas

A Danish Christmas

Morten G. Thomsen

Well, in my family we take turns to hold christmas eve because it is very expensive. We make a lot of dishes such as potatos in caramel sauce, roast pork, cooked potatos and turkey. For dessert we have cold rice pudding where we have put an almond in because it is a tradition. When you find the almond you shall keep it because you get an almond present that the host has bought. After the dinner we dance around the christmastree. Now it is beginning to be eight PM.

After we haved danced around the christmastree we open all the presents under the tree. We have all bought presents to everybody so it is a whole lot of fun. After the kids have played with their new presents we play a present game.

We have all bought non-serious gifts and they are in the game. It is a game where you have to have one dice and many gifts and then you can bring it on. After the game we are sitting and talk a lot with each other and have a good time.

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