A few hints on the REAL Italian Christmas!

A few hints on the REAL Italian Christmas!

Jesper got it a little wrong …normally the PRESEPE is made on December 8th and in the hut we only put Mary, Joseph, the donkey, and the cow, as Jesus arives on December 25th. Now in Italy it is normal to hang stockings for Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) and the children here also write to him and await his arrival. The three wise men are not in the presepe from the start of the month but they arrive on January 6th along with the Befana who is an old woman who brings lots of presents if you were good during the year and coal (carbone) if you were bad.

Turkey is not eaten a lot but we usually have a big chicken called capone (like Al, but less dangerous).

Have a great Christmas!

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