A Hot and Tiring affair

A Hot and Tiring affair
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Christmas in Northern Victoria, where the the temperature is around 40 degrees celecius every summer day, the grass is no longer green but brown and crunchy underfoot even though watering the garden is a chore that is carried out every night. The house is usually packed with family staying for several days over Christmas, to set the scene.

Carols by Candle light in the park is a big affair along with the Christian Community attending Midnight Mass out doors on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is usually an early start due to younger siblings and cousins, we gather around the Christmas Tree (as i amagine Most people do.) The main meal of the day is lunch, as breakfast is usually chocolate or otherwise entirely forgotten. Lunch in our family includes a massive sit down formal occasion, including a traditional Christmas Dinner, Roast turkey and Chicken, warm puddings and custard and home made fruit cakes and gingerbread houses. As you can imagine, this would be lovely if only it was set in winter. The afternoon is reserved for sleeping and reading, playing Cricket or if anywhere near the coast a swim. As a teen it is my duty to point out the plain stupidity and poor planning of this special day. The evening meal is left overs or seafood out side, where we get eaten alive by mozzies. By 10 o’clock every one is to tired to do anything execpt watch ball room dancing compitions, these funnily enough only go to air at Christmas time. We retreat to our beds with fans, air conditionaires and damp towels. This is a Typical aussie Christmas.

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