A month before Christmas in Hungary

A month before Christmas in Hungary

A month before Christmas shopkeepers decorate the front door of their shops. All in the bustling city try to embellish the streets. On the street corners, you can buy hot fried chestnuts and the shops are full of Christmas candies.

We buy a lot of surprises, not just for the children but for all of those who we love.

There is a special tradition: There is LUCA NAPJA (Luca’s day): On the 13th of December, village people make a chair of seven different kinds of wood and the superstition is, if you stand on this chair at the Christmas Eve Mass, you will see who are witches in the room.

Another one: We soak wheat in a cup 2-3 weeks before Xmas, and then it will germinate by Xmas. Then people usually use it to decorate the Christmas salad.

What to eat: For dinner, we usually eat fish, especially fried fish and a special Hungarian fish soup. Than we eat a lot of cookies. (never cakes.)

There is a special cookie for Christmas (called BEIGLI). It is a soft cake that contains walnut and poppyseed and it is rolled up.

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People traditionally eat a lot throughout the Christmas period.

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