A Salt Lake City Christmas

A Salt Lake City Christmas

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Christmas time is the most special time of the year. On Christmas Eve our family gathers together for a turkey and ham dinner. (Which is always delicious!) After dinner we gather in the family room for our “Christmas Program”. We read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible (Luke 2), and sing Christmas carols that go along with the story. There is always such a special feeling of love and happiness.

After the program each person may open one present under the tree. (It’s always the same…Our Christmas pajamas!) We all put on our new pajamas, and go for a drive around the city and look at all the houses that are all lit up with Christmas lights. When we get home, no matter how EARLY it is, we go right to bed and anxiously await morning, when we can FINALLY see what Santa left for us!

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