A special Glisson Christmas

A special Glisson Christmas

We start the day after Thanksgiving. We put up a white tree trimmed in blue and purple; the lights, the bows, the balls, and anything special we can find that is blue and purple. Then we put crystal angels all over the tree. Next, we up a special tree just for the kids. They pick their own decorations and put them on. We have a tradition of getting them a special ornament each year. Then we decorate the inside of the house. We decorate the table, windows, and anything else we can. The biggest adventure is decorating the outside. We put up a lot of lights and other decorations.

We try to make Christ’s birthday as special as we can. We try to begin a new tradition very year. Christmas of 1999 we had to buy a special gift to put in each other’s stocking. It was a lot of fun because the kids got to do the same for us and they had so much fun picking out gifts of their taste. This year we will try to add a new tradition to to the rest of our traditions.

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