A Tradition in the Making

A Tradition in the Making

I love Christmas!! I always have. The shear excitement of knowing that I am celebrating the birth of MY Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is almost overwhelming. And when I say celebrate I mean CELEBRATE.

My Christmas spirit usually comes out of hibernation around September. I start window shopping and occasionally picking up a few items as soon as the back to school shopping ceases. My husband thinks that I over do it just a tad, but I think he’s growing kind of fond of his “new” Christmas.

I call it his new Christmas because we only celebrated the last 5 or 6 together. And since we are now married (2 years!) it’s time we break away from our parents’ traditions and start our own. And boy, I think I’m worse than both of our mothers put together.

Our season goes something like this. We always drive up north to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. Black Friday has to be my favorite shopping day of the year. That’s what really kicks off the seaon offically for me (that and the Macys’ Parade). By Saturday, I am back home to get my Christmas tree and decorations up. On Christmas Eve, we go to my grandmother-in-law’s house for a family get together. I enjoy that so much. My favorite part of that evening is the grab bag Aunt T passes around with crazy little wrapped gifts she picked up from the Dollar Store! The kids never leave that house without a big black trash bag full of gifts they receive from aunts and uncles. Once we leave grandma’s we go home and put the kids to bed. We used to go to Mass but they kids get too cranky at midnight any time of the year. Then my husband spends the next 2 or 3 hours putting together whatever needs it.

The strangest thing about our Christmas to date, is that WE have always had to wake the children to open their gifts. I guess as they get older they’ll realize what’s in store and begin to bug us as so many other parents get to enjoy. I usually cook breakfast for our parents and any other visiting relatives. Afterwards we lounge around watching Christmas movies (especially “A Chistmas Story”) until later when we visit other relatives.

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