A Warm Florida Christmas

A Warm Florida Christmas

I grew up in the Northern part of the U.S. and now live in Florida. It is quite warm here during the Christmas season. Fortunately, I grew up with a very strong love for Christmas so my husband and I (and baby-to-be) have created our own holiday traditions.

We collect ceramic Christmas houses and begin shopping for them in early November. Our collection has grown considerably over the past five years.

The day following Thanksgiving, we always put up our Christmas tree. My husband does the lights and arranges our large collection of houses under the tree. I love opening up the boxes. We have so many. It’s like opening new packages every year! Unwrapping the ornaments gives me the same feeling. We have so many, they don’t all fit on the tree. I am in charge of the tinsel. All the while, Christmas music is playing.

When we are done decorating, it is time for the “Peppermint Party”. We started this tradition when my husband and I met five years ago. We turn off all the lights, except for the Christmas ones, and watch “Christmas Vacation” and “A Christmas Story”. We serve peppermint ice cream & enjoy excellent cookies that are only sold around the holidays.

After the decorating is done, I find time to do plenty of baking (always while listening to Christmas music). Shopping is always part of my Christmas experience. I’m even sure to visit year-round Christmas stores in the off season!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. This year ought to be interesting, because our first child is due the day after Thanksgiving!

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