An Australian Christmas in Queensland

An Australian Christmas in Queensland

At Christmas, it is not just all about opening presents. It’s about helping each other and praying and thinking about Jesus. Most Australians have an English breakfast on Christmas day. Others prefer a barbecue. For Christmas lunch in Australia a few eat a traditional English hot lunch. but most prefer a cold salad type lunch. Some like both.

For dinner a few families eat hot food, some families have left overs, and most have cold food.

At Christmas time most families go to the beach, play in pools or play with water because it is so hot.

We give presents to our family and friends. We open presents that others have given us, we also celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Some of us help our families cook, most of us visit our family and friends. We decorate the streets and shops and trees. We get lots of time to play and we go on holidays and hope for what we would like for Christmas.

At Christmas time we see decorations on Christmas trees down the street, on the front of the houses, and in the shops. We also see happiness, presents, Christmas cards, and Santa in the shops. They say that Santa in the shopping centre is really the elves asking the children what they want for Christmas and then they go to tell Santa.

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