An English Christmas

An English Christmas

I don’t start to feel as though its Christmas until after my Birthday (25th November) although there are Christmas things and presents in the Shops long before.

After we finish School is when I usually realise how close we are to Christmas and that I need to buy some presents! I love Christmas eve, the tree is always sparkling and shiny wrapping paper gleams from the presents below. i am allowed to open one gift on Christmas eve but the rest have to wait until morning.

After reading ‘The night befor christmas’ I fall a sleep only to awake the next morning to find an overflowing stocking hanging from the foot of my bed. At around 6am I run down stairs to wake my Mum up (Childish i know as i’m almost 16 but hey its christmas!) and open the presents from my stocking.

After all presents have been opened we go to my Grandparents and then out to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch we are all stuffed full of turkey we settle down to watch the Chrismas editions of ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Coronation Street’ before dozing off during the feature film!

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