Another German Christmas Tradition

Another German Christmas Tradition

Another German Christmas Tradition
The Beutel

In some parts of Germany it is a tradition on the 26th of December to visit friends and praise their Christmas tree. This is called “Christbaumloben”. Mostly you ring at the door and when someone opens and lets you in, you look at the tree and say “A nice tree!” (in German: “Ein schöner Baum”).

Why do people do such a crazy thing? Because, normally those who praise the tree will receive a little glass of alcoholic drink, mostly some sort of brandy.

After they get their drink, the visitors normally sit down awhile, talking and eating some cookies, perhaps praising the tree one more time (“A VERY nice tree!”).

Such visits are not too long, because those people don’t just visit one person: Normally there are around ten different persons visited and -of course- ten different trees praised. As you can think now, these evenings end often in drunk people, but it is also very funny.

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