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Christmas traditions within Australia tend to vary a little bit. In my family, christmas always starts with an early rise to open gifts followed by a light breakfast, usually with just my parents and siblings (and their partners). Next we’d all have a bit of a play with whatever we’d recieved, and maybe a swim, then help at getting lunch ready. We always have a roast, and stuff ourselves silly, followed by plum pudding and brandy custard. Over lunch we have crackers and tell really corny jokes as well.

After a huge feast in the heat of the day everyone needs a bit of a break so most of us have a nap. then maybe another swim. Then we get dressed and head to one of my mother’s sibling’s place for dinner. It’s usually a light buffee affair, with pavlova and trifle for desert. There are usually at least 30 family members there, so after eating and catching up with them all we all gather ’round the tree and sing christmas carols, then hand out presents. Next comes coffee and christmas cake, and by then everyone has had about enough of christmas for another year and all go home.

Since some of the relatives often travel interstate we also often have a picnic luch with all the letfover’s on boxing day.

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