How to avoid Christmas Burnout

How to avoid Christmas Burnout

When you are feeling less than jolly during the holidays, it’s time to take a moment and relax. With all the demands from friends and family and the time spent shopping and preparing the home and food it is easy to see how one can feel burned out during the Christmas season. Here are some tips on how to avoid this crash!



Plan Ahead – Do you find Christmas shopping stressful? Well that’s easy to see as the stores get more and more crammed and desperate the closer it gets to Christmas. Plan ahead and shop online to ensure you get everything done, stress free.



Budget – To keep money worries off your mind, write a list of all potential expenses. Decide what on the list is necessary and then allot a certain amount of money for each type of item. Try to stick to this so you can keep your cool when you open your bank statement; having a wish list really helps with this.



See Your Loved Ones – If you are facing demands from many people to attend dinners, events, or even just to spend time with them, stop and think whom you really wish to see. Christmas is for loved ones, not running around and stretching yourself too thin. Christmas visits should be relaxing, not a source of tension!



Take Time for Yourself – I know Christmas is focused on giving, but take advantage of the free time and relax. If you start to feel tension take a step back, breathe and do something that you find fulfilling and rejuvenating. Taking time to find your center will help prepare you to move into the next year.



Don’t Do it All At Once – While it’s tempting to try and pack your days absolutely full, try and spread it out. Spend some days shopping, others cooking, some with friends and others with family. By spreading out activities and responsibilities you will give yourself time to rest and re cooperate, and your spirits will stay lifted and merry.



Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to take part in personal traditions and share love and time with the people closest to you. Christmas burnout can take some of the holiday time away from you, and really get you down. Make sure to stay organized, plan ahead and take time to relax to avoid a Christmas burn out. Consider getting a Family Page so that you can share Christmas with everyone, regardless of where in the world they are.



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