Blake’s Christmas

Blake’s Christmas
Nan McNeill

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas morning when we open our presents and play with the stuff we get. Then we eat our Christmas dinner. When we are finished eating dinner we eat the candy canes off the Christmas tree.


I take my allowance and buy my mom, sister, grandma, brother and my next door neighbor presents. I get bones for my dogs’ Christmas presents. Sometimes my brother starts singing Christmas songs.

Since my mom has to work on Christmas day we get up real early in the morning to open our presents. Sometimes we keep all the Christmas bows and put them in a plastic bag.

There is an old lady who lives across the street and I go to her house and talk to her and be nice to her. She had a stroke last year and she is 60 years old.

Our Christmas tree, which is in our house, is big. It is 6 1/2 feet tall plus the stand makes it 7 feet. I’m almost up to the top of the tree. We usually put an angel on top of our tree, but this year we have to buy something new.


This year (1999) I didn’t ask for as many toys as I did last year. I asked for clothes. I told my mom I’m getting too old to play with toys. I asked for a new gun to go hunting because my old one broke when I went deer hunting.

A few days later we take down our Christmas tree. I take down all the outside Christmas lights.

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