Braised Lamb (or Mutton with Claret)

Braised Lamb (or Mutton with Claret)

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Leg of lamb or mutton 3 Tablespoons of oil 1 Cup of chopped onions 1 Cup of chopped carrots 3 Tablespoons of chopped parsley 1/2 Cup of chopped celery 2 Cups of claret or burgundy Salt and pepper 2 Tablespoons of caramel Flour


Put the oil in the bottom of a roaster, then add the vegetables. Let them cook a little, then add the meat and sear it in a hot oven (400F.) 10 minutes on each side. Add some salt and pepper and the wine. Cover and cook at 300F. about 3 hours from beginning. Baste and turn occasionally. When it is done, remove the meat, strain the sauce, and add the caramel and a little flour, if necessary, to make it the consistency of cream.

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