Chris’ Christmas

Chris’ Christmas
Nan McNeill

I would like to tell you a story about Christmas at my house.

My name is Chris and I am 12 years old. I have a sister named Jessica and a brother named Marky. We spend half of Christmas with our mother and half with our father, so Santa comes to see us two times. We live with our mother most of the time. At Christmas we put up a tree and put pretty things on it. We put presents under it to give to each other. We read Christmas books then we go to our Grandparents to see them and our cousins. We eat cakes and cookies and Granny cooks good food for us to eat. We play all day until its dark then we say good night and go home to get ready for bed and hope Santa will come see us with lots of presents. It’s hard to sleep when you are waiting on Santa Claus. Sometimes we put milk and cookies out on the table for Santa. When we wake up there are more presents under the tree so we go wake up Mama so we can open them. We play all day with our new toys then we go to our father’s the next day to see if Santa left us presents at his house. We stay there for a few days then we go home.

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