Christmas at my house in Brazil

Christmas at my house in Brazil
Joaquim Gabriel Andrade

Every 24th of December my family and I go to our church to sing and pray. When we get home we watch TV and eat a good dinner, (turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy). Then we pray and go to bed around 12:00-1:00 in the morning. We wake up very early the next day. My grandma gets to my house about 1 hour after we wake up. Then we have a big breakfast, (eggs with bacon and sausage, some orange juice, toast with butter etc.) After breakfast on the 25th of December we open presents (That’s one of my favorite things to do at Christmas.) Then we pray again and all go swimming in my swimming pool. After that I go in and watch TV and play computer. At night we have another good dinner, (spaghetti with meatballs and pesto (a type of sauce) on the spaghetti.

By Gabriel

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