Christmas at My House in Brazil

Christmas at My House in Brazil

Christmas at My House in Brazil

Christmas here in my house, in Brazil, is really nice. And I don`t really spend Christmas at my house but at my grandma`s house. Now I`m going to tell you how we start our Christmas decorations…

First my grandpa and I go to a big flower shop and buy our Christmas tree. We always buy a “spruce” tree. Then we take it to my grandma`s house and place it in the corner of the dining room, near the big clock. Then my grandma and I get the boxes with the Christmas decorations. Then we decorate the whole tree.

Later, when we buy all the presents, my grandma wraps them up and places them under the tree. Then we put some decorations on the door, some cool vases, and we put Christmas lights on the trees in the front of the house.

On Christmas Eve, we eat turkey for dinner. And on Christmas Eve my mom, my aunt & uncle, my grandma & grandpa, my cousin and I always eat together.

On Christmas Day we open our presents, eat chicken for lunch, and for the rest of the day we play, swim, watch TV, and more.

By Camilla

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