Christmas at Umina

Christmas at Umina

To me as a parent now, Christmas affords me the pleasure of watching my little ones beam with excitement as the days approach, the weather is usally quite hot and the shops are busy with the last minute shoppers.

My mother and father always come to our house, as it is easier for them to come. For years they cooked the dinner and now I have taken the baton. The kids like it too (having Christmas dinner at our place) as they get to play with their new toys all day.

Our Christmas lunch consists of a pork roast with crackling, a roll of turkey breast, and baked vegetables. I always cook the lunch in a webber BBQ so the house doesn’t get too hot and I get to talk with dad as the cooking is supervised.

At the end of the day we are all as full as googs and feel we can’t eat another thing, but then Boxing Day is another day where we have salads and a cold ham to eat.

Ive never seen a white Christmas and I can only imagine how different it would be, but I love our Christmas in Summer and it is the only Christmas I have ever known. No matter where you live, Christmas always hold special meaning and memories for all of us.

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

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