Virtual Advent Calendar Virtual Advent Calendar

Have you seen the Virtual Advent Calendar? If not, you can check it out by following that link just posted.


When we first started to re-create, we received a great Christmas Tradition submitted by a member of the community who described her family’s celebration of Advent as an integral part of their Christmas celebrations. In her submission, she noted that the word Advent meant “the coming or arrival of something long-awaited or momentous.”


Regardless of faith, the concept of Advent is something that everyone can understand and can relate to as we build throughout the entire month of December to the big day itself.


We have tried to re-create some of that childhood anticipation via the Virtual Advent Calendar. Every day, our team is giving you something new and different to look forward to. Of the days live so far, I personally like being able to sip a virtual cup of hot Christmas cocoa (Day 2).


All month long there will be new things to check out. Bookmark the page, come back daily, and let the anticipation build.

One Response to “ Virtual Advent Calendar”

  1. Lo says:

    Advent,is the long-awaited coming of Christ,so it does matter concerning ones faith,because it is not a
    worldly celebration in the Christian community. It depends on who or what you have faith in.