A Christmas Eve Pajama Party for 20!

Kaitlin King of Michigan writes:

Every year on Christmas Eve my family (approximately 10-20 of us) have a big dinner together based on a theme. One year it was beef tenderloin and more traditional fare, another it was make you own pizzas with different sauces and traditional as well as non-traditional toppings like seafood. This year we’re paying homage to our grandparents and doing make your own puff pastry pot pies.

The best part about our holiday together is after dinner we all change into matching pajamas. My aunt buys them all and even alters anything for children so we all match-including any guests we bring.

Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve traditions Kaitlin! We will soon be launching an entire section dedicated to Christmas recipes and we hope you will share your puff pastry pot pies with us when that section launches.

Editor’s Note: Christmas is about Sharing. To this end, we’ve asked for readers to contribute their own Christmas traditions and family stories. By sharing traditions, everyone gets a better understanding about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

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