Christmas Eve Wine from an Old Vine

This submission was sent in by Lisa Genatossio of Middleboro, MA. In it, she describes singing Christmas Carols and drinking wine from a vine that her grandfather brought with him when he immigrated many years ago. What a wonderful tradition Lisa… Thanks for sharing.

My Grandparents came to this country from Italy in 1919 with their 10 children..They bought a house in Weymouth Massachusetts and it is the nerve center for our family ..Every Christmas Eve from 8pm until 9 pm My whole Family Gathers from near and far and we sing Christmas carols while some family members play instruments..We drink our homemade wine from the vine my Grandfather brought with him when he came to America..Though My grandparents are no longer here ..I can tell you they are with us every Christmas Eve..Many Generations will continue to do this ..Merry Christmas To All …

Editor’s Note #1: Christmas is about Sharing. To this end, we have asked for readers to contribute their own Christmas traditions and family stories. By sharing traditions, everyone gets a better understanding about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Want to contribute? Send us your traditions here.

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