Christmas from a British perspective

Christmas from a British perspective

Having lived in Germany for many years now, I have seen quite a few Christmas’ here. They are nothing like the unbelievable commercialism I have witnessed in the UK. They are joyous occasions filled with flickering candles, steaming gluhwein, lots of snow, and lovely Christmas markets in every town. I have never been to the Christmas markets in Berlin or Nuremberg but I have the perfect Christmas market right here in my home town of Bielefeld.

About three weeks before Christmas, Christmas lights appear everywhere all over the city and Christmas trees are in every shop window. Little wooden huts are set up all over the city, selling everything from art prints to gluhwein and crepes with every imaginable sauce on them. The best area of the market is concentrated in the Alter Stadt. Here all the traditional craft is sold, like candles and wreaths, wooden and tin toys, and plenty of gluhwein, which you need to keep you warm when the snow is thick on the ground. I love Christmas in Germany!!

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