Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs of 2012

Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs of 2012



It’s 2012 and buying a gift for your Canine should definitely be a part of the Christmas tradition, mainly because they’re an important part of the family. You may think that purchasing a gift for a dog should be easy as pie, for instance a scrumptious bone or a squeaky toy, but choosing a more meaningful gift makes the holiday that much more pleasing. If you’re leaning towards purchasing treats go the extra mile and get your loving dog his or her favorite. You don’t want to have to endure seeing your dogs face when he finds he has no presents under the tree, which is why we present to you “The Best Christmas gifts for dogs of 2012”.






1.) Healthy dog treats – What’s a better way to reward your dog and ensure a long, healthy and happy life then changing up your dog’s food to a healthier alternative? Just because you feed your body badly once in awhile doesn’t mean you should do the same to your dog!


2.) The retractable leash – It’s time to let your dog enjoy more freedom, rather than being restrained by a traditional dog leash.


3.) The infamous squeaky toy – Although the sound may irritate you (just a little) it all becomes worth it once you see the excitement in your dogs attitude towards the newly gifted chew toy.


4 Dental care kit – every dog has to deal with bad breath, one way to avoid this and to benefit your canine is by buying a dental kit. Lets be honest here, I’m sure it would more pleasing to have a dog with nice breath lick your face!


5.) A comfortable kennel- Similarly to humans, your family pet would prefer to sleep in a comfortable bed versus an uncomfortable one. I’m sure they’d thank you for improving their sleep!


6.) Biscuit Ball Dog Toy: This super durable ball has 4 holes to put dog treats into and tests your dog’s brain while motivating its stomach! It will keep your dog entertained for ages trying to solve the problem.


7.) Elevated Dog bowls: These are particularly good for larger dogs that tend to have a difficult time leaning over and eating their food. This way they wont have to bend their neck so low, being a practical (yet beneficial) gift so you can’t go wrong!


8.) Comfortable car seats for dogs- If you bring your dog everywhere with you, then you know that travelling with your dog can be tough. By providing a comfortable car seat the ride becomes easier and safer, giving you more time to spend with your loving dog even prior to the holidays!


9.) A Dog house – If your dog is one to spend time outside a lot, give them a place to call home outside of the house while enjoying the fresh air. Maybe even build one yourself to make it more meaningful!


10.) Dog ramps – This makes climbing into cars easier for your household-pet. Some dogs even refuse to jump into cars when they are getting older, which is why this would be ideal! Now you don’t have to feel bad for forcing your pet into the car.


Be sure that the gift is beneficial for your dog, whether it is a delicious treat or easing the tension put onto your pet. Given that, shopping for your pet should be fun and there are so many more options, we’ve only mentioned 10!

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