Christmas Gifts for First Time Parents

Christmas Gifts for First Time Parents

We all know those first time parents, staggering around looking half dead and in desperate need of a nap! So what do they want for Christmas?


1. Babies are expensive and there are loads of things that new parents need, but one of the most appreciated could be a day off! Offer to babysit one day and buy them a gift certificate for a lovely relaxing massage with the help of


2. The first Christmas with a new born baby is always exciting and memorable, so this year help them remember with a Babies First Christmas Ornament for their tree. Choose a beautiful ornament that the family can hang and admire every year as their child grows. How about one that reminds them just how cute their baby was that first year?


3. We all know new parents love to take pictures of their little bundle of joy and grandparents love to show those pictures off. This year make the process much easier with the gift of an iPhone photo printer. Now the busy parents can just plug in and print directly from their phone, saving them some of the precious time that parents never seem to have enough of!


4. It has been proved many times that reading to a child as they grow is beneficial for the child and a nice bonding moment for the parents. Why not buy them a collection of your favorite children’s books this Christmas? Dr. Seuss is always a good, much loved option.


5. This year why not take some time to pamper the mother? Buy her a gift basket of her favorite fragrances and lotions, for those few times that she has a little while to relax and needs to de-stress.


6. Photo frames are always handy, and brilliant for framing that beautiful picture of the new baby to place in the center of the mantle. Go over and above this Christmas with a personalized frame!


7. Mums of newborn babies need as much help and advice as they can get! Whether the mum in question is a first time mother or has done this plenty of times, there is always some more to learn. A book is a great gift this year, one that is nice and small and can fit in that massive bag she is always lugging around!


8. For the dad, try a nice manly diaper bag and save him the humiliation of wondering around with his wife’s bright flowery one! Diaper bags go everywhere the baby goes; a stylish practical bag is both a blessing and a necessity.


All these ideas are great for making babies first Christmas as special as the new parents ever dreamed of but keep that vital aspect of actually being useful! When shopping this Christmas just remember to also look for things for the parents not just for the baby. Obviously if you’re being boring, just buy them plenty of diapers and formula, now that’s something you can guarantee they will use!

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