Christmas In Ansonia, Ohio

Christmas In Ansonia, Ohio
Adam Riffle

Christmas in Ansonia, Ohio is really neat. Usually after Thanksgiving we start to put up our assortment of white lights. Snow begins to fall and it covers the ground. I love to ride my fourwheeler in the snow and pull my brother in our sled. It is really fun.

We put a huge wreath on our house and big bright red bows on the pillars. We also put up our tree and decorate the inside of our home. We play Christmas music while we decorate inside. It smells wonderful inside with all of the candles and goodies. Then on Christmas Eve we go to the church to the Christmas service. Afterwards we go to my grandma’s house. My Aunts and Uncles from my mother’s side all come and we have all kinds of cheeses and summer sausages. We also have wine and other drinks. Me and my brother open my grandma’s and my aunt’s presents. Then we go home.

The next morning we open presents. My mom’s mom comes over and we have breakfast with her and show her our gifts. Later that day we go to my mom’s mom’s home and the rest of the family comes and we trade gifts. My grandma fixes a big meal and we watch TV and play games. Then, on Sunday, we go to my dad’s mom’s home and have Christmas with that side of the family. We trade gifts have a big meal and play with all the cousins. Christmas is a special time of the year and I love it.

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