Christmas in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil

My Christmas is always very happy! When it is Christmas I go to my grandma`s house in Santos, Brazil, the city where I was born. All my family meets at my grandma`s and there is always a big tree. When we arrive the tree is already decorated, but my grandma always leaves a doll for me to put on it. Before Christmas my grandma goes to the U.S. so under the tree, it is full of the presents we asked her for. Before, when I was little, she would get a Santa to come but when I discovered there was no Santa, she stopped. My grandma always decorates the house with lights and stockings and we can only open the presents when it is midnight on the 24th.

On Christmas my aunt comes, gets a bell and start giving out the presents while everybody gathers around. I’m always her helper. I put on a Christmas hat and help her. We always have dinner at a big table full of Christmas candles (we turn off the lights). But this Christmas is going to be different because it will be my little cousin’s first Christmas.

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