Christmas In Cuba

Christmas In Cuba

Because of the repressive communist government of Fidel Castro, all religious

holidays have been banned in Cuba – Christmas is not “officially” celebrated. There

is a day in July designated as “Children’s Day” in which after standing in line for

days parents may be able (if they are lucky) to buy a present for their child. Before

the Communism, Cubans celebrated the birth of Christ by having a family dinner

on December 24th called “La Nochebuena” in which roasted pig, rice and black

beans, yuca and plantains were eaten. After the dinner, families went to midnight

mass together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The next day was a day to celebrate by

visiting relatives and friends. On January 6th, the “Three Kings” of the Magi would

come and bring presents for the children in celebration of the Ephiphany.


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