Christmas in England

Christmas in England

Christmas in England
Richard O’Callaghan

For English children, Christmas begins in October when most English children write their Christmas Lists to Father Christmas.

Shops begin selling Christmas items in November or even earlier!

Children usually get chocolate Advent Calenders to open for the run-up to Christmas.

English houses are decorated two weeks before Christmas day. The tree is decorated with tinsel, twinkling fairy lights, tartan ribbons and baubels. The home is usually decorated with statues of Father Christmas, holly wreaths, mistletoe, holly, ivy and Scandinavian welcoming lights at the windows.

English children go to bed on Christmas Eve night after having ‘The Night Before Christmas’ read to them by their parents and leaving a mince pie and some milk for Father Christmas (and a carrot for Rudolph).

On Christmas Day morning they rush into their parents bedrooms and drag their parents downstairs to the living room where a stack of Christmas paper wrapped presents lie under the tree, in stockings or in sacks.

Relatives arrive around lunchtime and hand out their presents and Christmas dinner begins.

For Christmas dinner, Prawn Cocktail is eaten for starters, then Turkey and Cranburry Sauce and then for pudding we have Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake.

HM Elizabeth II’s speech is at 3:00 and then the family watch Noel’s Christmas Gifts. Usually charades or any boardgame is played by all.

After Christmas the shops are full with people buying things for next Christmas in the famous JANUARY SALES.

The tree and decorations are unwillingly taken down two weeks after Christmas day, as it is considered bad luck if they are up longer.

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