Christmas in Florida

Christmas in Florida

I’m a 15 year old from Florida. I moved here from Michigan when I was 5, so I don’t really remember much snow. But thats okay because a warm, sandy Christmas is as good as the rest!

Here, its a pretty perky season with or without cold weather. We hang up our outdoor lights, stick our trees in the front windows and of course, people put little nativity scenes on their lawns.

I lived in a city where an entire street got together and turned the place into a Christmas wonderland. Santa and his reindeer hung over the street, houses had so many lights to the point where you could read a book in the street. They even opened up their garages and decorated them with Christmas scenes! It was a great thing to drive around or walk through. It was a dull town, so of course, to perk people up, the town litterally dressed up! Sadly enough, I moved away from it in May so I can’t walk through the locally famed “Christmas Alley” this year.

Not only do people get together and dress up their street, but we decorate boats and have a Christmas boat parade. That’s so hilarious to see someone dressed like Santa waving from a sailboat or a cabin cruiser! But the lengths people go to to have fun makes it all worth while.

Adding a personal touch,we even treat our pets like

humans. Our cats get stockings, gifts under the tree

and honestly, even though you think they wouldn’t give a crap, they know something exciting’s going on and they get excited! Its cute to see a cat sniffing the presents because they smell treats of catnip, but can’t quite pinpoint where it is……


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