Christmas in Houston

Christmas in Houston

We don’t get much snow here in Houston, but we do have a lot of spirit. The season starts on Thanksgiving Day. My family and I watch the televised Macy’s parade from New York, and decorate the house. After everyone has eaten their turkey, they go to the Uptown Lighting Festival, which takes place in the Galleria area. There are singers, choirs, dancers, and a light parade. Santa comes down in a helicopter to press the button that lights up all the trees and buildings in the area. Then we have fireworks, accompained by carols.

The weeks afterward are filled with the preparations, shopping and the like. In my family, we place a great deal on helping others, so we always buy extra gifts to give to the Salvation Army and the like. We always have a fresh Christmas tree, which we buy 2 weeks before Christmas Eve. After the tree is decorated, we start placing wrapped gifts underneath it.

On Christmas Eve, we go to Second Baptist Church at 6, and then we go to the Catholic church for Midnight Mass. After Mass, we usually stay up watching movies, or the seasonal music videos on MTV.

On Christmas day, we wake up around 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning, to open gifts and see what Santa has left us. We usually eat lasagna for our Christmas day meal. We might go over to our aunt’s house, but usually we trade gifts a few days before. Then after the gifts are opened, and all the trash has been cleared away, we watch “The Christmas Story” on TBS.

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