Christmas in Illinois

Christmas in Illinois
Joaquim Gabriel Andrade

There it was, a pile of presents! I could not stand it anymore. I had to open them up but my family’s tradition is that you have to wait for the parents to wake up.

Hi! I’m Kathleen Ludwigsen. I was born in Santiago, Chile on April 19,1988. I am the youngest in my family and I will tell you my family rules for Christmas.

It all happened when I was 4. It snowed and I did not know what it was until I went outside. It felt wonderful. My sister said it was snow but I thought it was ice cream so I ate it. I screamed with joy when my mom said just eight more days till Christmas.

I waited and waited till it was Christmas Eve for that’s when we put up the tree and decorations. We have a family dinner, we talk and we play, then we go to bed.

I wake up early when no one else is awake but I cannot open up the presents until everyone is awake, has eaten and taken a shower. Then we open up the presents.

By Kathleen Ludwigsen

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