Christmas in Ireland

Christmas in Ireland
Joaquim Gabriel Andrade

Christmas in Ireland is very cool. On Christmas Eve we all sit around the fire and watch TV and sing Christmas carols. Sometimes people walk around and knock on people’s doors and sing Christmas carols to raise money for school trips and other things.

On the 25th of December, Christmas Day, we wake up early and open our presents, and sometimes it snows, and we go outside and get plastic bags and slide down the hill beside our house. After that we come in for Christmas dinner. My Aunt always has Christmas dinner with us. For Christmas dinner we always have turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and vegetables with cranberry sauce and sometimes we have Lamb with mint jelly. After Christmas dinner we go outside and play soccer and play with our presents.

On Christmas evening we all eat Christmas pudding and pull the crackers and we also watch a movie or two. So that’s basically my Christmas in Ireland.

By Brendan

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