Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy

To answer Michelle’s question about the tradition of the seven fishes–

Before the Second Ecumenical Council, Catholics were forbidden to eat meat on Friday and on certain holy days, Christmas Eve being one of them.

The tradition of using seven fish relates to the story in the New Testament Bible of Jesus feeding the multitudes with 2 loaves and 7 fish.

I don’t remember all the different kinds of fish served because I was a little girl when my grandmother prepared them and I wasn’t that fond of them but I know eel was one and another is a popular Italian dish called “baccala”. It is made of dried cod fish which is then stewed in a tomato


I hope this helps you Michelle.

My grandparents on both sides came to Ellis Island from Italy and I try to incorporate the traditions they brought with them into the traditions I’ve developed with my children. The Italian heritage is a rich one and your children can only benefit from sharing it. I hope you continue to do that.

Joann ([email protected])

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