Christmas in Kentucky

Christmas in Kentucky

Christmas in Kentucky is wonderful! Living in the mountains of Kentucky we get a lot of snow during the holiday season. Our Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving. During the Christmas season everyone is so happy even if they already know they may not receive anything. It’s the fact families are really close here and we know that no matter what we will still have our family. I love decorating the tree. I make many of the decorations that go on the tree. The decorations that I don’t make are really old and have been given to us. I love stringing popcorn garland. It makes the tree have a classic look.

On Christmas Eve we gather at the homes of our extended families to eat dinner and exchange gifts. We spend the night with my husbands family and then on Christmas morning we open our stockings. Then we go to see my family if the snow isn’t too bad. Christmas here is really special. Even if you aren’t family, we will treat you like you are. Merry Christmas!

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