Christmas in Ohio

Christmas in Ohio
Jingle Belle

I live for the Christmas season, but I really start to get in the mood when it first snows, which is usually around early November.

By December, everything is decked out in holiday regalia, and we put up our decorations around then. The trees look absolutly gorgeous at night, little white lights shining under a blanket of snow.

On Christmas Eve, my grandparents come down mid-afternoon, with a giant bag of presents that they always try to hide. We go to Mass in the evening, and we have to get all bundled up for it, because it gets cold outside. After Mass, we come home and sit around the fireplace, and drink hot cocoa, and talk.

My sister and I have to go to bed early that night. We each have a miniature tree in our bedrooms, and we get a few presents under them. I always wake up in the middle of the night, partly from having to go to the bathroom (too much cocoa!!), and partly from excitement. I open those presents then.

In the morning, after my parents wake up, we’re allowed to go downstairs and open the presents under the big tree. Then we all have coffee cake for breakfast. My uncle arrives around noon, and we have a big dinner around 2 or 3. Then everyone goes back out to the tree to look at their presents!

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