Christmas in Scotland

Christmas in Scotland

Christmas in Scotland

The television ads for christmas gifts usually begin about October, and shops usually begin having their decorations up about the beginning of November.

Children have advent calendars from the 1st of December to count down the days until christmas.

Traditionally, christmas decorations and trees are put up 12 days before christmas and taken down 12 days after.

Christmas eve normally consists of finishing christmas shopping and putting finishing touches to gifts. Preparations for the christmas dinner usually start, and there’s usually time to fit in a christmas film somewhere in between. There is a church service from 11pm, which consists of christmas readings and finishes at midnight with the sound of the church bells ringing in Christmas and everyone wishing each other a Merry Christmas.

Children traditionally hang their stockings by the fire or on the end of their bed for Santa to fill. THey will also leave him a glass of milk and some shortbread and some carrots for the reindeer.

On christmas morning, the first thing you find when you wake up is your filled stocking which always contains an apple, a satsuma and some chocolate money as well as small gifts, before moving downstairs to your main presents. After breakfast and opening presents, it’s time to watch some christmas tv or go to church for christmas service.

For christmas dinner, traditionally, it is Prawn Cocktail, homemade soup ( Kale or Potato and leek), followed by Turkey and trimmings or Roast beef and trimmings. For dessert it is usually Christmas pudding, Clootie Dumpling or Gateau.

Christmas dinner is usually followed by the family having a few drinks together.

New year is also a huge affair in scotland! It is celebrated as much as christmas with lots of family parties and cooking etc


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