Christmas in the North West

Christmas in the North West

Our Christmas celebrations start on Christmas Eve with a Crib Service in our local church. Giant figures from the navity scene are carried into church and everyone sings traditional carols and listens to readings about the first Christmas.

Our four children love to watch as the Baby Jesus is delivered into a manger and after the service (which lasts about an hour) everybody wishes each other a Happy Christmas. We encourage the children to go to bed early, or Father Christmas won’t bring the gifts we’ve sent to him. The adults return to church at midnight, for a midnight service.

The church is beautifully bathed in candle light and the joy always tends to make me tearful, remembering that God sent His son to earth to be like us, human. Then it’s back home for about four hours sleep if we are very lucky!

At about half past six, the girls will land on our bed crying, “Has he been?” At a slightly more reasonable hour presents will be opened in the front room, breakfast nibbled and then after my husband departs for work its off to our local church.

Chritmas Lunch (roast turkey, sprouts, carrots, etc. with the necesary crackers and hats) is eaten at about 3pm when my husband is home from work and then it’s a day of spending time together!

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