Christmas In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Christmas In Tulsa, Oklahoma

First of all, I proclaim the celebration of this planet’s Redeemer’s birth to be the primary motive that drives us to enjoy Christmas to the degree we do! Once any of us in ‘this’ household gets off-track of that, we’ve let the festivities of the season over-ride HIM Who Is the Reason for the Season: Time to regroup and get back on track. I wanted to get that settled First of All; now, I can share with you some of the ways that we, both personally, and Tulsa as a whole, enjoy this wonderful holiday season.

Well, in our home personally, Christmas starts peeking its little head out usually sometime around July or August. I enjoy Christmas all year long. I’m thankful when November finally comes around so I can let what’s on the inside flow to the outside. People think you are mighty strange when they see you putting up your decorations in August (and telling them that you’re trying to get a jump on the cold weather doesn’t go over real well when it’s 105 degrees outside). I’m not that bad, but my wife would testify that I’m pretty close. The Christmas movie collection is always broken into about this time of the year though. I get the ball a rollin’ from watching about 45 Christmas shows within a month’s time.

Here it is November and we’ve already been to the malls (I NEVER go to the malls until the decorations start going up) to check them out. By the way, if you happen to pass through Tulsa anytime this Christmas season, the three main malls worth checking out are: 1)Woodland Hills, 2)The Promenade, and 3)Eastland. They go all-out. You will be impressed, Christmas Deluxe!

Right after I finish this letter to all of you Christmas-Lovers out there, our famly decorations are coming out of storage (hey, I’m trying to get a jump on the cold weather–ho,ho,ho). I’m already tuned into while I’m lstening to Christmas music. Like I said, I’m thankful when November comes around.

Well, enough said about us. Just like so many others throughout the world who celebrate this season, we enjoy the family, exchange the presents, decorate to the hilt, and celebrate our Lord’s birthday!

A special thing worth looking into here in town is the Light-Extravaganza put on by Kenneth Hagin’s Bible School–Rhema. When we drove through there last year for our first time, we were absoutely awe stricken. And too, Tulsa, as a whole, does an outstanding job to make this entire city a down-home Christmas paradise! Next to being in heaven with Jesus (or at the North Pole with Santa), Tulsa is our most ultimate place that we like to spend Christmas!

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas and a blessed 2000

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